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Concertina Wires

Concertina Coil ALL YOU NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT CONCERTINA COIL concertina coil is a fusion of barbed and razor wires in the form of large coils which can be further expanded as an entangled concertina. These wires or coils are basically used for the military purpose of forming wired obstacles.

 Punched Tape Concertina coil or PTCC Coil is the Product name Given by the Ministry of Defence of India. Concertina Coil is the new concept in perimeter protection and is generally installed as a very effective deterrent in High-Security zones.

 Concertina Wire is round in shape, and in a form of a spring, It is made up of spirals which can be stretched to form a Dense Barrier only if it is made up of high Tensile Wire and the Coil Should have standard 50 Spirals. Concertina Wire comes in various diameters like 500mm, 610mm, 750mm , 1000mm and 1050mm and the cost of the product determines the level of Zinc The coating on it and the Number of Spirals.

 Concertina wire (coil) is used as security fencing for farmhouses, Borders Residences, Military sites, Nuclear Sites, Refineries, Police Stations Prisons and high-security Zones. It provides a Total Perimeter Security. Original Armstrong Concertina Coils Manufactured by us is Hard to Cut by Ordinary Pliers only if the High tensile Wire is Used. Please note that we are the Best Concertina Coils Manufacturer in India since we only Use High tensile Wire Making our Concertina Coils Most Effective.

 We Do Not have any Dealers as we want to Supply Original Concertina Coils/Wire to our Clients as 99% of Concertina Coils in the Country is Spurious & Substandard. People posing themselves as Manufacturers with fancy website etc are generally Fly by Night operators having no Stakes for Concertina Wire sold by them. Needless to say, We Guarantee our Products for Correct specifications as per the Specifications prescribed by IS

Standards/Ministry of Defense.

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