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Solar Power Fencing Systems
Solar fencing is the most sought system for protecting premises whether it is Agriculture, Security, or High-security applications. The requirement of Solar fencing also called Power fencing with Solar backup multiplied in the last couple of years mainly because of awareness and affordable Indian brand availability.

It is a known fact that more than 30% of the Farmer yield, in many places, is damaged because of animals, and Farmers already tried many risky methods like placing thorn fencing, electrifying fence with conventional power, etc with negligible benefits. Many Farmers, especially in the State of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, etc, are switching to Solar fencing due to its features & benefits with zero risk and negligible maintenance.

Security Fencing is the modern day’s alternative to the conventional type of perimeter protection. These are active fences and punish the unwelcome intruder the moment they touch the fence or try to tamper the fence. The conventional types of fences are only passive fences and cannot resist the intruder if they try to forcibly intrude into the protected area. The Security Fence gives a sharp, short but safe shock and creates psychological fear. Against any tampering, the alarm incorporated in the system gets activated and alerts the inmates of the protected area, which facilitates them to counter the unwelcome intruders

Solar Fence can be built alongside existing fences except in the case of barbed wire fences.
1. Existing posts can be made use of provided the corner/end poles are strong.
2. The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings.
3. The Solar Electric Fence System conforms to National and International Standards.
4. The Solar Energizers are tested by ETDC, Govt. of India.

1.Fence posts are erected 6 – 8 meters apart depending upon the terrain.
2.No barbed wires are used. Only plain High tensile (Strong) wire is used.
3.A long life as the fence is not subjected to physical pressures of wear and tear.
4.Selective barriers are possible. For example, Elephant barriers can be designed to allow smaller animals like cattle to move in and or out.
5.It is used in more than 165 countries all over the world.
6.It is the most effective method of fencing and is safe for all kinds of animals and human beings.
7.It is easily constructed and maintained.
8.It is long-lasting and can be modified, extended, shifted, and re-erected from one place to another, without loss of materials and waste of
9.This is the only method of fencing, which can effectively keep all kinds of wild animals out.
10.It is not dependent on regular electricity supply as it operates on a battery.

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